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WorkPlace Representatives Standing Orders National Agreements

Student Teachers Protest at future inequality. 22nd. Feb2012.


Newly  Proposed Code of Conduct for Teachers. 

Retired Members Association


Equal Pay Rally Oct 2016

Equal Pay Rally Oct 2016

X Public Service Stability Document 

"As a moral imperative and in order to protect teaching as profession, a fair and sustainable resolution of the issue of pay inequality must be accelerated, not delayed."


Junior Cycle Protest


RTE News

Junior Cert Reform Clarification November 2016.


More Information



Equal Pay



As provided in the S&S Circular, the DES has issued the following instruction to management bodies this week:

where an eligible teacher can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department that because of their particular circumstances they were not in a position to avail of the opt-out option prior to 11 August 2017, an opt-out application from such a teacher will now be considered, provided that such application is received by the Department on or before Friday 29 September. As the original effective date of 1 September 2017 has now passed and in order to allow schools to make the appropriate operational arrangements, where such applications are approved the opt-out and associated salary reduction will be effective from Monday 6 November 2017.”

FEMPI Protest 18th. November 2015.



Next Meeting:

Branch Meeting:

Tuesday 24th. October. 2017 at 8pm


Venue: Lucan Spa Hotel

Followed by the Branch's AGM at 9.15pm.

**Closing date for Nominations for Branch Officiers 4pm Tuesday 10th October 2017.

Closing date for Motions re amendments to Standing Orders, also 4pm Tuesday 10th October 2017.

** see Standing Orders: Article 15 & 15(a).


Congress 2013 Galway


Branch Meeting



Bernie Ruane (AGS) & Mairead Glynn (Chair)

(in regulation attire?)


Circular Letter: Haddington Road 



Circular Letter


The Ward Report

The Ward Recommendations


Latest Circular(CL0059) re Sick-Leave


Sick Leave wef Sept 2014 FAQs


Scheme for Leave of Absence following Assault for registered Teachers.....

CL0061 -2017


Dublin C&C 2015-16 Executive Officers + Area Rep.



Congress 2015 Wexford

 congress17b                  Congress 2017 Cork                            


Previous Branch Officers






Dublin Community and Comprehensive Schools' Branch The Dublin Community and Comprehensive Schools ' Branch of the T.U.I., was formed in 1973, and now comprises of 83 Community; Comprehensive; Secondary Educate Together, & Voluntary Secondary Schools from Dublin , Kildare, and Wicklow Areas. With over 1,000 members: it is one of the largest Branches in the Union . The Branch elects 8 Officers at its Annual General Meeting in October each year, and each Officer takes responsibility for four or more schools. The Branch organizes 8 meetings in the Year. These are conducted in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Branch. Meetings start at 8pm. and finish at 10pm.